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Model FM-1600 Spun Bonded Non-Woven Production Line:
1. Packing: Wooden/open Cases Packing
2.Terms of Delivery: 120 days upon receipt of the prepayment
3. VAT extra
4. Cost including erection. Boarding and lodging at buyers expense.
This Produce line is filament polypropylene fiber spunbonded nonwoven fabrics equipment. Its raw material is polypropylene (PP), take the principle of spinning man-madefibers, during polymer filature, continuous filament is extended into fiber net, which is finished by mechanical hot pressing, The machine assembly we adopt is now advanced veneer integer slot air flow draw technology, the whole process from material feeding to cloth output is automatic control, short production flow, high working efficiency.

The nonwoven fabrics we produce has high strength, good softness, innocuity, bacterium-proof, corrosion resistance, high-level draw strength and elongation rate, They are widely used for dress, decoration materials, medical sanitation materials, daily life products and in the industrials, agriculture fields. In additional, this production line can produce nonwoven fabrics of different color, different grams, different lines according to users' requirements.

Lines on nonwoven fabrics: dots, cross line, straight lines, weight:10-200g/m2
Raw material: Polypropylene chips
(melt index:20-40g/10min, melt point:166, ash content: 0.15-0.25%))
Process flow:
Feeding(suction,dosing and mixing) → Melt and extruding(with recycle extruder)→ Filtering→ Metering→ Spinning→ Quenching→ Air drawing→ Forming→ Calendering→ Winding→ Slitting→Product
Product specifications:
Installed power 500KVA
Web width 1600 mm
Max. winding diameter Ø 1000mm
Annual output: 1500 tons (40g/m2)
Single filament titer: ≤ 2.5 denier
Web weight: 10-200 g/m2
Max. mechanical speed 0-120m/min (Process speed: 10-100 m/min)
Electric consume: 700 KWH (for 1 ton product)
Workers and power:
Number of workers: 3-4persons
External power supply: 315KVA
Water system: 0.2Mpa
L×W×H: 18×10×11.5m
Description of machine:
1. Dosing and mixing system.
Max. feeding capacity: 500kg/h Max. filling of Master batch

2. Extruder
Diameter of screw: Ø 130mm
L/D: 30:1
Max. extruding capacity: 350kg/hr
Material: 38CrMoALA
Surface treatment: Nitriding and Polishing
Rotary speed: 20-70rpm
No. of heating zones: 6
Heater: Cast aluminum
Driving motor: Z4 75kw DC motor

3. Edge recycle extruder
Diameter of screw: Ø 135mm
Material: 38CrMoALA
Surface treatment: Nitriding and Polishing
Rotary speed: 20-80rpm
No. of heating zones: 4
Heater: Cast aluminum
Driving motor: 15kw AC motor

4. Filter
Filter form: double-cylinder continuous switching
Equipment of Slurry coat: Forced seal structure
Filter area: 2.5m2×2
Suitable medium: Polymer melt
Rated flow: 500-700kg/h
Max. working pressure: 25Mpa
Max. working temperature: 310
Heating system: Heat conduction oil cyclic heating
Filtration precision: 50µ m
Size of filter elements: Ø 35×487mm .13pcs in one cylinder
Metering pump
Metering capacity: 200cc/r
Rotary speed: 0-40rpm
Motor power: 5.5kw

5. Spinning machine
Material of spinning head: 42CrMo
Attemperator: Heat conduction oil cyclic
Power of smoking machine:3kw

6. Spinneret
Material: SUS431
Size: 1910×216mm,
Aperture: 45s

7. Cross air blow Unit
Adopts Industrial air-conditioner quenching system
Power of air blower: 30kw

8. Drawing unit
Adopts blow suction and stretching polypropylene filament yarn
Power of suction blower: 30kw

9. Electric heater
Heat the conduction oil acquire constant temperature Power: 48kw×3sets

10. Calcinator
Heater adopts stainless steel heating pipe
Max. temperature: 550

11. Ultrasonic cleaning machine
Cleaning mode: underfloor
Power: 2400w
Size of Internal groove: 2200×300×250mm

12. Web former
Normal process speed: 10-100m/min
Motor power: 7.5kw DC motor

13. Calender
Size of roller: Ø 420×2050mm
Working width: 1980mm
Product: = 1600mm
Roller hardness
Engraved roller: HRC58
Plain roller: HRC60
Process speed: 10-100m/min
Transmission power:22kw, DC motor

14. Winder
Process speed: 10-120m/min
Working width: 1600mm
Max. winding diameter: 1000mm
Roller changer: automatic fly knife
Motor power: 5.5kw

15. Slitter
Max. mechanical speed: 300m/min
Working width: 1600mm
Motor power:4kw

16. Refrigerating machinery
Refrigerating output: = 35kw

17. Electric control
10.4 inch touch screen
Inverter: FUJI(JAPAN)
AC contactor: Schneider(FRANCE)
Temperature control box: RKC
Other equipments:
Cooling tower 1 Set
Electric Hoist 1T
Air storage tank 1 Set
Distribution panel 1 Set
Spinneret 1 Set
Climatic conditional cabinet 1 Set
Air compressor 1 Set
Pump 1 Set
Professional tools 1 Set
Spare parts:
Dismantling tools for screw 1 Set
Heat circle of screw 2 Sets(4pcs)
Platinum resistance 3 pcs
Electric equipment (low voltage) Several pcs
Filter screen of spinneret 10 pcs
Conveyor belt 1pc
Filter O-rings Several pcs
Buyer's supply:
Air duct, water pipe, oil pipe and insulation
Air compressor pipe
Cable and cable tray
Water pool: 40m3
Electric balance: 0-200g
Normal tools: 1set
Lubricating oil and heat-transfer oil
Electric welding machine, gas cutting tools
Hoist:15t (used for temporarily erection)
Hydraulic car:3t
Chain hoist: 3t(2sets)
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