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Flat Screen Printing Tables
Printing Carriage
Rubber Squeegee System :

Comprising of a Galvanized robust Steel fabricated Framework, supported on a series of Locating Carrier Wheels, and retaining the following:
A hinged Screen Holding Frame, suitably prepared with adapters for the Asian and European Type Flat Screen Setting/Locking systems,
Pneumatic operated Screen Lifting mechanism,
A Motorized Variable Speed Squeegee Drive system, complete with adjustable Travel Limiters, PLC Controlled for Multi-Stroke and Flood-Stoke Colour Application.
Sprung loaded Squeegee Retainers complete with calibrated settings for controlling the Colour Application by the Squeegee system.
A Motorized Variable Speed Print Carriage Drive system, PLC Controlled for Auto-engaging of the Print Carriage to the Repeat Settings, complete with related Electronic system for controlling the Print Carriage Auto / Alternate / Manual Travel Mode.
A Fabric Roll Support/Spreading attachment, useful for the Operator to apply the Fabric onto Print Table Surface
The Electrical and Pneumatic Control Cabinet  suitably connected to Printing Head Frame unit, housing all related Operational Switch-gear, together with Operator Control panel, all ready prepared for incoming Supply.
Comprising of a Galvanized Steel Base-frame Structure, retaining a Reinforced Marine Plywood Table Surface, and covered with 2 layers of Polyester Under-Felt (for ~Soft~ Print Table System) and a Polyester/PVC coated Print Blanket, inclusive of necessary Print Carriage Runner Rails, a series of adjustable Repeat Blocks for Auto-engaging of the Print Carriage to the required Repeat settings, and Drainage side Channels. The Printing Table being equipped with a 3 Phase Electrical Supply Conductor Rail System, and a Retractable ~Drum~ Type Pneumatic Air Supply System for Operational Services to the Print Carriage and other related Optional Extra Accessories.

An Electrical Heated Under-blanket System is offered as Optional Extra, for maintaining the Print Table Surface heated up to 65 Deg Cent., comprising of a special Wire Mesh for enclosing between the 2 Layers of Under-felt, complete with Auto-Transformer for Setting the desired Temperature.
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