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JC 41200 4 Colors High Speed Flexographic Printing Machine
Performance and characteristics:
Information :
  • cast iron machine frame, vibration-free at high speed operation , accurate color register, high quality can be sure long time use
  • Adopts Taiwan motor, Japanese inverter, save power, smooth running.
  • Automatic stop ink pump motor when down printing roller, automatic run ink pump motor when lift printingroller.
  • Ceramic roller and doctor blade are optional (for film or paper printing use, not for nonwoven fabric)
  • Bevel wheel transmission makes accurate printing size.
  • Use blower and heating double drying device, Constant temperature control device set inside the heating device, control every unit , cool blower fixed shape.
  • Germany special iron material make the roller, after special treatment, electroplate 100mic thickness hard-chrome protection layer.
  • Aluminum guid roller get treatment of rigid oxidation, moving balance, motionless balance.
  • Taiwan air shaft load material.
  • Tension control for unwinding unit.
  • Hydraulic EPC control.
  • Japanese NSK bearing and Germany ASNU for single direction bearing.
1. Main Paramete
A Mode JC 41200
B Material Non-woven fabric, Paper, pe Film, Aluminum and so on
C Max. Material Width of Printing 1220mm
D Max.Width of Printing: 1200mm
E Max.Length of Printing: 1200mm
F Max.Speed of Machine Printing 10-100m/min
G Max.Speed of Material Printing 10-80m/min
H Thickness of Plate (including the glue) 2.28mm
2. Unwind Unit
A Max.Length of Roller 1250mm
B Max.Length of Effective Roller 1200mm
C Dia.of Roller 76mm
D Max.Dia. of Unwind 1000mm
E Rewinding way motor driver
3. Traction Unit
A Constitution of Traction Rubber Roller and Chrome plated Roller
B Traction Zones 2
4. Printing Unit
A Constitution of Printing Chrome plated Roller, Rubber Roller, metal Anilox roller, Plate-glued roller
B Girth of Pressing Roller: 190-1200mm
C Material of Plate Resin and Rubber
D Principle of Work Gears Drive
E Type of Chromatically 360 degree circulating
F Way of Adjusting manual
G Plated-glued roller adjusting hydraulic
5. Heating and Drying Unit
A Type of Heating and drying blowing first then heating
B Heating Zones Heating Tubes 4colors 6zones
C Power of Heating 2.2kw
D Assistance of Drying Length 1.4m
E Blowers 29 Fans
F Power of Blowers 0.03kw 21pcs 0.25kw 8pcs
G Power of heating 2.2kw
H Drying power 18kw
6. Electrical Parts
A Main motors 3.7kw
B Ink-Transfer Motor 0.4kw
C An Inverter Equips With the Main Motor
7. Wind Unit
A Max.Length of Roller 1400mm
B Max.Length of Effective Roller 1220mm
C Dia.of Roller 76mm
D Max.Dia of Wind 1000mm
E Rewinding way independent type motor
8. Main Machine Specification List:
A Main Motor with invertor 1 pcs ( TAIWAN)
B Ink transfer motor: 1 pcs (TAIWAN)
D Blower 2 pcs ( SHANGHAI )
E Aluminum Rollers (Taiwan invested made in Shanghai, Surface oxidation, blance treatment)
F Anilox Roller 1 pcs/per color (( helical gear transmission , material from German , processing by ourself)
G Rubber rollers 1 pcs/per color (own products)
H Low pressure Electrical parts ( Omron or Schineider, Germany or Japan)
I Switches (Schneider emluator)
J Electrical control Box: 1 set (own products)
K Main machine body: 1 set (own products)
L Main machine casting ( our factory)
M Tension control system Two set for rewinding and unwinding roller
N Servo EPC control device One set for unwinding roller.
Spare parts for free:
Tool Box 1 set (1-10# screwdriver, oil gun, Inner Hexagon Spanner 1 set, Switches 2 pcs, Contactor
2 pcs ,heating tube 2 pcs, operation maual 1 pcs, the inverter instruction 1 pcs)
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