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Rotary Screen Printing Tables
Magnetic Squeegee System

Comprising of a robustly fabricated Print Carriage Frame, ready prepared for mounting onto the Print Table and retaining the following:-

Rotary Screen Tensioning Units, consisting of a pair of Chromed Steel constructed 'Support Bases', with each Base suitably machined for supporting
the Screen Retainer Bridges, being withheld by a pair of robust Tension Bars, complete with mechanisms for controlling the Screen Height, Longitudinal and Lateral Micro-Set movements.

Service side Screen Retainer Bridge being adjustable, fitted with a Quick-release Clamping System to accommodate the Varying Screen lengths, complete with Pneumatic controlled Screen Tensioning and Screen Lift mechanism.

Operator side Screen Retainer Bridge, equipped with Screen Drive engaging system, complete with remote auxiliary Operator control panel for controlling the Electrical and Pneumatic parameters of the Machine.

Electro-Magnetic Beam, fitted with a series of Magnetic Coils and enclosed in a heavy duty Aluminum housing, Coils being fed with Rectified Supply from a Transformer having 5 steps Control.

Comprising of a suitably fabricated steel Base-frame structure retaining the following:-
A Multi-Ply Printing Blanket, complete with Tensioning Beams and Blanket Support Rails.
Printing Head/Carriage Guide Runner Rails arrangement
Printing Head/Carriage Variable Speed Drive system.
Stainless Steel Splash-Guards.
Guttering arrangement to Drains for Washing-off purpose.
Adjustable Rotary Screen Tensioning Unit, retaining a Quick Release Clamping System to accommodate the varying Screen Lengths
The Screen Repeat Alignment Gearing, consisting of a Motorized Gear-Rack system for Centering the Repeats of the Rotary Screens.
Control Panel, housing all related Electrical Controls, together with Operator remote auxiliary Control Pulpit, suitably mounted on the Printing Head for accessibility.
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