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"Thermotex 3" Steam Ager/Polymerizer
Type : "J Scray" Fabric Accumulator, up to 40 Mts. Capacity.
Suitable for "Small Capacity" Steam Ageing/Polymerizing Operations.
Suitable for “Small Capacity” Steam Ageing/Polymerizing Operations. The Printed Fabric is guided with minimum tension through the Machine Entry system into the Steam Chamber, cascading into the prepared “J Scray” Fabric Accumulator system, which is able to contain up to 40 Mts. of Printed Fabric The Machine Pre-Set Running Speed, will automatically control the Duration Time of the Fabric passing within the Steam Chamber.

The Temperature and Humidity Factors on the “Thermotex 3” are achieved via a Steam Flow Input Control System, equally delivering aselected Pre-set
amount of Steam to Boil a selected Pre-set level of Water contained within the Panel Section forming the Steam Chamber Walls.

The use of this Method creates a controllable uniform Steam Vapour at 102o Cent., which maintains the Steam Chamber Temperature Uniformity.

The Steam Chamber Humidity Factor, is simply controlled by the Operator by minutely adjusting the amount of Water contained within the Steam Chamber Walls to suit the required Humidity Level (after which the Water Level can then be Re-set for Repeatability).
Machine supplied as Optional Extra an Electrical Steam Super-heater System, complete with all necessary Valves and Electronic Switchgear arrangement to automatically control the required Set Temperatures of up to 190 Deg.
Cent.A Steam Exhaust system, suitably located at the lower section of the Steam Chamber Entry and Exit sections, automatically removes the excess Spent/Contaminated Steam.
The Standard “Thermotex 3” Steam Ager/Polymerizers are supplied with Frontal Entry and a Rear Plaiter Delivery arrangement.

For Operational conveniences, a Combined Frontal Entry & Delivery arrangement can be supplied on request.
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