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Rotary Screens Acclimetizers/Polymerizing Units
Suitable for a Maximum Capacity of up to 9 Rotary Screens of 64 cm. Repeat
Drier/Polymerizing Units :
Operating Temperatures: Up to 180ºC
Heating Medium : Electric Heat Exchangers (16KW.)

Acclimatizer Units :
Operating Temperatures : 20o Cent. up to 40ºC
Cooling/Heating Medium : Air Conditioning Unit, and Electric Heat Exchanger (6 Kw.)
The Screen Acclimatizer and Polymerizing Units, retaining a Stainless Steel Internal Lining, forming the Rotary Screens Heating and/or and being totally enclosed with Rock-wool Insulating Material encased in Painted Sheet Metal forming the Cooling ChambersExterior Panels and the Access Doors.
Heating and/or Cooling Chambers, being "Fed" from Direct Driven Axial-Flow Circulating Fans connected to Louvered Air Plenum Chambers, enabling the Hot and/or Cooled Air being Re-circulated into the Plenum Chambers via the Air Conditioning Unit and/or the Electric Heat Exchangers.
Control Panel, housing necessary Switch-gear and Electronic Controls to accurately Set the Temperatures and Time Factor parameters for the Operational Sequence of the Acclimatizer and Polymerizer Unit, ready prepared for incoming Mains Supply: 380 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hz..
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