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Drier/Curing Oven
Type : Infra-Red Heated Modules, 100 cm. & 150 cm. Wide Conveyor 600 cm. Long - 5 Modular Infra-Red Drier Units, 30 Kw.
A 100 cm., or 150 cm. Wide PTFE coated open meshed Conveyor Belt, suitable for Temperatures of up to 190c
A robustly fabricated Steel Frame, forming the Print Table Unit, complete with an Electro-Magnetic Squeegee Beam carried on Linear Bearings from heavy duty Guide Bars.
Conveyor Stainless Steel support frame retaining adjustable Conveyor Guides.
A Conveyor Drive Roller, with opposed Tensioning Roller arrangement.
Drive to Conveyor Belt, via an AC. Inverter Variable Speed Motor-gear.
Conveyor Base-frame, having been ready prepared for accepting the ~Modular~ Infra-red Drier Units, the Exit Cooling Fan arrangement, and the Control Cabinet housing all the related Operational Switch-gear.

Each Modular Unit, retaining 5 - 1.2 Kw. Infra-Red Heaters supported within Reflector Capsules, with Set Temperatures accurately controlled by Electronic Instruments from the Operational Control Cabinet.
Modular Units, suitably Insulated with a series of Detachable Exterior Panel Sections, retaining 100 mm. thick Layers of ~Rock-Wool~ insulating fiber.

The Drier/Curing Oven Unit, equipped with a suitable Exhaust Fan System, complete with adjustable Air-ducting arrangement.
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