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Fabric / Carpet Suction Units
For the effective removal of Lint and Dust Particles in an in-line Operation, applicable to Printing, Dyeing and other Finishing operations.
TYPE I) Single Side Suction Units
Comprising of a rigidly Fabricated enclosed Vacuum/Suction Chamber, retaining a purposely designed 200 mm. Wide sectionalized Suction Grid Surface, with adjustable ~Blanking~ arrangement to suit the varying Fabric Widths, being complete with a High Flow Suction Fan for creating the required Vacuum/Suction Force for the removal of the Lint and Dust Particles from Fabrics being processed at High Speeds The Fabric Suction Units, having been fabricated from heavy duty Galvanized Steel, with the Vacuum/Suction Chamber Upper-side, retaining a reinforced support arrangement for the connection of the Suction Fan Units.
Suction Grid, consisting of a series of Stainless Steel square Hollow Sections, diagonally retained within a purposely fabricated frame-work for minimal direct contact with the Fabric, and suitably spaced to allow the Vacuum/Suction Force to remove loose Lint and Dust from the Fabric being passed on the Suction Grid surface.
Vacuum/Suction Force, created by 5 Hp., 380 mm. Dia. Galvanized Steel Suction Fan/s, firmly attached to Vacuum/Suction Chamber, complete with related ducting arrangement for retaining the Dust/Lint collection Bags (30 cm. Dia., 150 cm. Long). Control Cabinet, housing the necessary Controls and all related Electrical Switch-gear, ready prepared for Mains In-coming supply.
TYPE II) Double Sided Suction Units
Comprising of a Rigidly Stayed fabricated Steel Up-right Framework, retaining a series of Fabric Guide/Support Rollers. Framework having been ready prepared for supporting 2 Opposing Faced ~Single Sided~ Suction Units, with each Suction Unit being complete with related Ducting and adjustable ~Blanking~ arrangement to suit the varying Fabric widths.
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