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Colour Preparation Units
To suit the production requirements for each individual needs.
Gum/Thickener Dispensing Station, for dispensing the required Gum/Thickener Paste from the Storage Tanks , comprising of stainless steel Stands retaining a series of (Auto, or Manual) Valves with relative Pipe connection from Storage Tanks Pump Dispensing System.

High Speed Colour Homogenizer/Mixer Units, comprising of 2 Speed AC Motor (1450/2900 Rpm.), connected to Mixer Head Assembly retaining a purposely designed Mixer Blade for High Speed Homogenizing of Colour Paste.

Mixer Lifting Units,
retaining a Traveling Carriage Lift Mechanism, connected via a heavy duty Chain to a Pneumatic Cylinder for Raising/Lowering Mixer Unit into the selected operating position.

Roller Conveyor, “T” shaped Stainless Steel Unit for 2 In-line Mixers operation.

Tub Lifting/Tilting Unit, retaining a Traveling Carriage Lift Mechanism equipped with a Colour Tubs Supporting Platform running into a Tilt Guide Track.

Traveling Carriage connected to a Motor-Geared Drive Unit, enabling the Colour Tubs to accurately dispense the Colour Paste into the Vacuum Filtering Unit.

Colour Vacuum Filtering Unit, comprising of a Stainless Steel Vessel, retaining a Cone section with a Filter Screen Aperture for depositing the Colour Paste from the Tub Lifting Platform.

Vessel complete with a High Speed Vacuum Pump, interchangeable Filter Screen-mesh Elements and a heavy duty Door for access of the recipient Colour Tubs.

Colour Tub Auto-Washing Unit, Comprising of a Stainless Steel Wash Cabinet fitted with Nylon Bristled Brushes carried from a heavy duty Back Plate separating Wash Cabinet from Control Cubicle.

Brushes arranged to totally brush clean the internal and external of the Colour Tubs/Containers simultaneously, inclusive of Water Spray System, arranged for the internal/external spraying of the Colour Tubs.
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