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FM 61200 Non-woven flexographic printing machine series
Technical Parameter:
1 Ink
  Adopt the automatic circle system ,running ink by single small motor ,with the electrical clutch device
2 Timing
  Adopt Japanese inverter controlled , running by small fluctutations.
3 Unwinder EPC
  Adopt the high quality automatic EPC controller device
4 Unwinder and rewinder way
  Adopt the magnetism Auto tension controller
5 Ink way
  Our company has special design for the doctor blade device with the ink pump can suck the ink automatically.
6 Up and Down plate
  Adopt the hydraulic pressure for up and down movement of printing plate automatically.
7 Roller
  Adopt special steel processing and through special technique of treatment, and plate thickness of 10 silk
protective layer of hard chromium ,beat the following in the 0.02mm
8 Traction Rollers
  Adopt japanese production of semi-enclosed bearing, static equilibrium & dynamic levels of cross processing
hard oxidisation,treatment , resistance, beating a small.
9 Drying Device
  Ventilation with heat blowing three devices , which use a central heating, temperature control system and the
control each group
Main Parameter:
Model FM61200
Max Width of Material 1200mm
Max.Width of Printing 1160mm
Non-woven fabric 15-120g
Paper 15~400g/m2
Aluminium foil 30~150μm
Woven Fabric Material 15-500g/m2
PVC 15~120μm
BOPP 10~100μm
PE 15~150μm
NY 15~120μm
PET 15~100μm
CPP 15~100μm
Printing color 6 color
Max.Length of Printing 200-1100mm
Machinery mechanical speed 10-90m/min
Max.Speed of Material Printing 10-70m/min
Thickness of Plate including glue 2.38mm
machine weight 5100kg
machine dimension (L×W×H) 5m×2.2m×3.05m
Power Voltage:380V,3PH,50HZ
Unwind Unit
Max.Length of Roller 1000mm
Max.Width of Printing 1200mm
Max.Dia. of Unwind ¢1000mm
Type of Unwind hydraulic type of wind and unwind
Unwinder Magnetism device 5kg
Auto Tension Controller Unwinder 2—20kg
Unwinder EPC Electrical Edge Correction Device
Feeding shaft Air shaft
Axis core diameter¢ 76mm
Traction Unit
Constitution of Traction Aluminum roller, chrome plated roller
Traction Zones 6 Zones
Printing Unit
Constitution of Printing Anilox roller, Rubber roller, Chrome Plated roller
Girth of pressing roller 200-1050mm
Material of Plate Resin or Rubber
Principle of Work Gears Drive
Adjusting of Registe Manual
Overprint Precision(mm) Horizontal:+-0.2mm、Vertical:+-0.15mm
Plated-glued roller adjusting hydraulic type of plate-cylinder
Anilox Roller Titanium Anilox Roller (made in Germany)
Rubber rollers 1 pcs/per color
Heating and Drying Unit
Type of Heating and drying blowing first then heating
Heating Zones 11 zones
Power of Heating 11kw
Assistance of Drying Length 1.5m
Blowers 3 Fans
Power of Blowers 1.5kw*2pcs
Electrical Parts
Main motor 3.7kw
Ink-Transfer Motor 0.2kw
The inverter 3.7kw
Tension test 2--30kg
Wind Unit
Max Width of Material 1200mm
Max.Dia of Wind ¢1000mm
Rewinder Magnetism Powder 5kg
Auto tension controller 2—30kg
Axis core diameter ¢76mm
Main Machine Specification List
Main Motor 1 pcs 3.7kw (Taiwan)
Ink transfer motor 1 pcs 0.2kw (Taiwan)
The transducer (Panasonic Japan)
Blower 2 pcs 1.5kw (Fengyang Shanghai)
Aluminum Rollers BaiXiao RuiAn
Anilox Roller 1 pcs/per color Titanium Anilox Roller (made in Germany)
Auto tension 1set (ShangHai Tension Equipment co.,LTD)
Air shaft 1set (RuiAn QiangGuang)
Magnetic powder 1set (Ruian zhongrui co.,LTD)
Rubber rollers 1 pcs/per color (own products)
Low pressure Electricals Siemens
Normal bearing NSK from Japan
Unilateral bearing ASNU from German
Switches Schneider emluator
Electrical control Box 1 set (own products)
Main machine body 1 set (own products)
Spare Parts For Free
S.NO. Name of the spare parts Quantity
1 Tool Box 1 set
2 1-10# screwdriver 1 pcs
3 Oil gun 1 pcs
4 Inner Hexagon Spanner 1 set
5 Switches 2 pcs
6 Contactor 2 pcs
7 Heating tube 2 pcs
8 Machine operation instruction 1 pcs
9 The inverter instruction 1 pcs
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